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Our Core Values and the Classic Dress that Inspired Us

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Our Core Values and the Classic Dress that Inspired Us

Let us tell you the story of our company values centered around one dress, our first dress.

Let's go back in time to 2003, two best friends with very different body shapes (that's us!) are sharing one vintage dress. That Kelly Green dress miraculously fit us both perfectly and not only that it activated a feeling within us– one comprised of magic, freedom and being up for anything.

Needless to say we wore that dress to shreds and then immediately set about remaking the garment in hopes of chasing the feelings that accompanied it sharing them with the world.

bride in classic dressbride in classic dress


The Classic Dress as we called it became a crash course in garment production and set a high bar for all of our other garments to follow.

When our customers reported the same heightened feelings wearing the dress, our hearts soared and so did our purpose. When counseled to move production overseas we declined choosing to stand by the local SF factories who ensured the dress was initially successful. That partnership continues today and we are lucky to work with that  same amazing factory today.

bridal party in the classic dress

They took a chance on us in 2003 and 17 years later they are like family to us.

Over a 5 year period our team produced tens of thousands of pieces of the Classic Dress. Despite the urging of sales reps and industry standard we choose not to abandon it after just a few seasons, instead we made small tweaks and  improved the product, minimizing waste and expanding colors with each cut. We took things slow and made more decisions played from the heart than the pocketbook.

As a small team we heard directly from customers and shop owners about their experience and feelings in this dress. Customer tales are our very favorite – hearing about folks standing tall meeting future in laws, asking for and receiving raises in the dress. We took it all to heart and straight to our cutting table.

We may no longer produce the classic dress but it lives on in the lessons we've learned, relationships we've made and how we operate as a business today.

Styles may change but the values we stand by our constant. 

· Trust your gut

· Evolve, adapt, but remain loyal

· Produce garments locally

· Produce quality pieces with a high number of wears

· Improve the product with each cut

· Expanding our size range

· Transition into natural fibers

· Our Customers are the heart of our business

· Clothes should make you feel good
bridal party in the classic dress

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  • Dec 08, 2020

    I love you both so much! Literally everyone looked great coming out of the dressing room in a classic dress! 💜

    — Tanya

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