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Welcome to our World. Free shipping on orders over $150 and easy returns. Welcome to our world. Free shipping over $150 and easy returns.
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    What's in the Hopper?

    What's in the Hopper?

    We are working hard to get things produced. Supply chain issues are for real.
    Here is a list of items & re-stocks in the works.
    Also new items dropping!

    Ayana Restock - Oct. 1st
    Reo Jacket restock - Oct 1st
    Mock Pointelle Turtlenck - Oct 1st
    Fawn Stripes - Oct 10th
    Mittens - Oct 10th
    Balaclava - Oct 10th
    Legwarmers! - Oct 10th
    Hollis Tie-Dye - Oct 15th
    Jules restock - Nov 15th
    Triangle Cut-Out Dress - Nov 1st
    Cropped Reo Jacket - Dec 1st
    Workshirt restock - Dec 1st
    Fawn Linen/Tencel - Dec 1st
    Poet Blouse - Dec 1st
    Cody Top - Dec 1st
    Anise Top - Dec 1st
    Poet blouses (new colors) Dec 1st
    Etta Dress - Dec/January

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    Made in S.F.

    Made in S.F.

    Our clothing is made with love in the heart of the city.

    Since 2001 we've partnered with local factories to produce clothing that's made ethically and built to last.

    Read more about us and our process below.


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    Meet our garments, peek behind the scenes, and check out what we have up our sleeves next.

    Come on in!